SMK Volunteer Spotlight

SMK Volunteer Spotlight

A Perfect Pair

Here in the South, it’s pretty easy to tell if someone is originally from here just by hearing them speak. It doesn’t take but a couple sentences to listen to Ray & Terry Nicholson to know that they aren’t originally from here, but they’ve been making it home since they moved here, and we’re so happy to know them!

Ray and Terry hail from Long Island and Bridgewater, New York, respectively, and they have been with us at Smoky Mountain Christian Church for just over a year now! They got involved with serving in the children’s ministry about 6 months ago, but that won’t be the only place you see them serving! They may greet you as you enter church services on Sunday mornings, or you may hear Ray speak and give communion meditation another week, or you may see them out in the county helping to build on our latest shed building site!

With all they’ve got going on, it was a privilege to have a few minutes with them after a Sunday morning of service to hear their answers to some of these crazy questions we’ve thrown together for our Volunteer Spotlight. May you enjoy it as much as we did!

In your year serving here, do you have a favorite memory so far at SMCC?

Ray: My favorite memory so far is the Vacation Bible School last summer. I loved seeing all the kids and their smiles and joy, and the comfort it brings.

Terry: I liked the memories of doing Wednesday night dinners. I loved when I got to do my dinner and give everyone a taste of New York.

Who is a character from a book or TV show that you really relate to?

Ray: I like the Bible in particular, and I think I really relate with Peter. He loved the Lord, and I want to be like him in his faith.

Terry: I love baking, and sometimes I really relate with the cake boss, baby!

Is there a special talent or fact about you that the average person at Smoky Mountain might not know about you?

Terry: I’ll tell you something about Ray! He’s a comedian!

Ray: I’ve got a good joke now, yeah. There was this man who had a wife, and she was out shopping all day and came home and said to him, “What have you been doing all day, honey?” And he says, “Well, I’ve been here killing male and female flies.” His wife said, “How do you know the difference between them?” And he said, “Well, there were three on the telephone and two on the remote…”

Terry: And my fun fact is that I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue! (And she did it, just to prove it!)

A friend challenges you to go to Subway and order the grossest sandwich possible using the ingredients there. What do you order?

Ray: I’d choose hot peppers with cucumbers and then salami and vinegar, and I’d order it on stale bread.

Terry: My grossest sandwich has got to be bologna with mushrooms, way too many onions, and covered in the gross Subway sauces they have.

What’s your favorite part of children’s ministry?

Terry: My favorite part is seeing them have fun and watching their smiles. I love seeing how they’re learning God’s Word.

Ray: My favorite is when I can see them getting involved as their interest in the word gets triggered. They keep reading and growing. And also, I love playing games!

What was the first Bible verse you remember learning?

Ray: John 3:16

Terry: I’m not really sure, but my favorite section of Scripture is the Proverbs. There’s a lot in them!

So, if you see them around, be sure to ask Ray for a joke and see Terry’s amazing talent as well! A special thanks for all they do!