Service Sunday

Service Sunday

The Church has left the building… again!

There’s yet another wave of green preparing to head through Sevier County!

On July 9, we are once again going to gather together at 9am, as one body to worship, pray & serve our community!  Service Sunday is all about taking the church outside of the building and being the hands and feet of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  This is a unique opportunity for us to serve in a way we have never before served – to give up something we enjoy, and use that time to sow seeds of love, hope and life into our community.

We had a wonderful experience serving the community on June 11, and it was a great chance for many of us to become involved in new ways to help our friends and neighbors close to our church community. We can’t wait to gear up once again and head back into the community to let our neighbors know that service isn’t a one-time thing; we want to do our best to live a life of service every day!

Service projects will include: trash pickup, lawn care, cleaning, praying, & loving.

After a morning of service, we will meet back at the church to eat and enjoy swapping stories of service with one another.  We look forward to what the Lord desires to do to us and through us as we step outside the building, outside our comfort zone and attempt to be the hands and feet of Jesus.



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