Our 2020 Vision

Our 2020 Vision

The mission of SMCC is to be a church that leads in loving, serving, and growing, both in God and with others. Growing is a goal that must be preceded by both loving and serving.

By the year 2025, our goal is to see SMCC grow to double the size it is today. The key to reaching that goal is to start now, breaking the goal down into smaller, realistic, achievable goals based on that future vision. 

The following three initiatives will be implemented, beginning in January of 2020, seeking at every point to fulfill at least one of our objectives, to love, to serve, and to grow.

Why 167? There are 168 hours in each week. The average Christian in the U.S. spends 1 hour per week in dedicated worship to God. Our 2020 Vision seeks to help answer the question, “What if we had a strategic plan in place to use the 167 remaining hours each week with the purpose of worshiping God through loving, serving, and growing?”


The purpose of the Love167 initiative is to show love to our fellow Christian through implementing a discipleship program aimed at encouraging and strengthening fellow Christians, to help them grow deeper in their walk with Christ.

Love167 mentors will go through a 6-week training program teaching the basics of discipleship, and will be equipped and challenged to choose a mentee to begin discipling through meeting once per week.

2020 Vision: By the end of 2020, our goal is to equip and train 20 mentors for disciple-making, who go out and meet regularly to disciple, encourage, and strengthen 20 growing disciples in their walks with Christ.


The purpose of the Serve167 initiative is to serve our community with no strings attached. Service is the means through which we are able to reach outside our own walls, and as imitators of God, we believe that outreach is best done when we serve others. Jesus served others, not with ulterior motives, but because the character of God is shown clearly through humble service.

Serve167 partners will engage in service projects organized on a monthly basis through SMCC, as well as independently serve through separate projects. That is, if you already serve on your own on a regular basis, that service definitely counts toward Serve167!

2020 Vision: By the end of 2020, our goal is to have a recorded log totaling at least 2,020 hours of no-strings-attached service completed by representatives of SMCC. You can enter hours served right now by following this link to our online form! It takes 30 seconds!


The purpose of the Grow167 initiative is to cultivate deeper spiritual growth through time spent learning about the word of God, in the setting of groups in which teaching takes place.

Grow167 groups will build on the success of current Bible Studies taking place at SMCC to organically multiply into more weekly groups that meet in times, places, and locations more accessible to members of the groups.

2020 Vision: By the end of 2020, our goal is to grow at least 5 different Grow167 groups, training and equipping leaders to coordinate and lead groups on a regular basis of at least 2x monthly.