4 Ways to Jumpstart Your Devotional Life (Using Only Your Smartphone!)

4 Ways to Jumpstart Your Devotional Life (Using Only Your Smartphone!)

One of the areas in which many Christians would like to be more committed is in the area of daily devotion, but sometimes, the hardest part can be finding where to start. This week’s Peak is taking a step away from the norm to point out four resources that can help you grow closer to God!

Remember, when it comes to devotions, consistency is your best friend. Challenge yourself to spend 5 minutes each day with one of the following resources for the next two weeks, and you’ll be surprised at how much even a short time in communication with God can change the course of your day!

#1. The Bible Project

        Youtube Channel

The Bible Project is a high-quality video resource to anyone who wants to study in depth as they read their Bible. Getting ready to start reading Nahum and have no idea what it’s about? They’ve got a series about Biblical books! Want to know what “YHWH” means? They’ve got videos on Biblical Word Studies! Do you want to read the Bible through the lens of its original readers? Check out their “How to Read the Bible,” series!

#2. Dwell


The next-level audio Bible is here, and it’s an app called Dwell. Pick a Scripture playlist, or simply start listening to an entire book of the Bible. As you listen, you can choose what kind of background music to play, as well as choose from four different people to narrate the Bible. The Bible is meant to be listened to, and Dwell is a great resource for allowing you to put down the screen and do just that!

#3. Pray the Word with David Platt


If you’re a podcast enthusiast, add this one to your queue! With a new release every morning, you can start your day by praying through a small section of Scripture in a time led by gospel-focused minister David Platt. At less than 5 minutes per day, this is the perfect podcast to play on the way to school, work, or instead of hitting the snooze button “just one more time!”

#4. YouVersion Reading Plans

        Digital Devotional

If you have the YouVersion Bible app on your phone already, you might be surprised to know that it contains thousands of built-in devotional plans! Simply open your app and tap the “plans” button on the bottom of the screen, pick one out, and you’ll be ready to go! You can even choose to set a reminder each day, so that you remember to stick with it!

These are only 4 out of countless resources to help you grow in the Word. Just like a seed, our spiritual lives must be watered and tended to daily, and in return, we can expect to see wondrous growth through God!

Blog post by Joel Greenwood


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