The Why Behind Service Sunday

The Why Behind Service Sunday

Last night, at our Wednesday night Bible study, we concluded our discussion on the book of James.  We discussed the need to be “doers of the word” (James 1:22), and to be people that put in to practice all we have learned – to not be spiritually or monetarily rich without using all God has blessed us with to help others.  Meaning, we are to be rivers and allow everything God pour in us to flow through us and into others.  We do not want to be ponds – stagnant and only focused on collecting.

That is the heart of our Service Sunday – to be doers of the word, to take everything that God has taught us and to put it into practice.  So, this Sunday, things will look a little different here.  We are going to gather together at 9 am (there will not be a 10:30 am service) to sing, pray, hear from God’s Word, take communion and give our offerings of thanksgiving, and then we will serve.

We have teams headed to help with lawn maintenance, bag groceries, retrieve carts, change mailboxes, and pray with people in our neighborhood.  Then we will meet back at the church, have lunch and swap  stories about our service projects.  As God’s people, we must display our love for Him by loving other people, and that is what we plan to do on Sunday.

If you are visiting our area, and plan to join us for worship, we would welcome your help in any of our service projects.

Have a blessed day and we look forward to serving on Sunday!




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